What I Learned.

ScreamingI know I said I hate lists a couple blog posts ago. But I lied. And then I wrote a list.

Here’s what I’ve learned this week:

1. I’m a hot mess.
No for real though. I leap before I look. I channel Peter and just step out of that darn boat and then I TOTALLY FREAK OUT and start SINKING! I nearly lopped someone’s ear off today, without seeing the situation was still full of grace and redemption. Oh, Peter.

2. I might actually be a grown up.
I’m a runner. When things get hard, I run. When I think I might hurt someone, I run. When I think they might hurt me, I run. BUT THIS TIME I DIDN’T RUN. I’m proud of me. And I’m looking forward to all the things I would have missed if I ran away. Grown up me is doing great things, people.

3. I really LOVE the internet.
This blog post is dedicated to Bethany and Kelley and Sebastian. Many miles and states between us, but oh how much wisdom has traveled those miles. Thank you.

4. I really REALLY love the internet.
Look, I made the cut! My words landed on THE LIST over at On Pop Theology. I might actually be a WRITER.

5. I like swear words.
I’ll spare the explanation.

6. Sometimes screaming helps.
Okay, that one isn’t new. Yesterday I got in my car and drove a mile and screamed the whole way. Afterward I felt much better. (You should try this.)


  1. says

    You made it on THE LIST! Congratulations! I loved that post. And: I like your list–getting a peek into your brain + heart from this past week.

    • Sarah Joslyn says

      Eeeeek. THE LIST!! I think it’s because I blogged about something theological and not just emotional. :)

      • Sebastian Faust says

        Hahaha! I talked to THE LIST and it loved having you! It also had fond memories of your post about the New Orleans playground and the Prayer for Justice. So maybe it’s just because you blogged about kids. ;)

        Also.. so much wisdom HAS traveled those miles; mostly from your corner of the continent to mine!

        • Sarah Joslyn says

          Ha ha. I think those are all my stories about kids. Damn it.

          And the second part of that is probably not true. :)

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