I’m feeling listless.

There are actually a TON of things on my plate, waiting to be finished. But I needed to take a short break to blog. And since I’m feeling listless, I thought I’d create some lists.

7  things I’ve never done:

1. Used a Blue Tooth device
2. Gone skiing
3. Paid for a haircut
4. Gotten drunk
5. Read a single word of Harry Potter
6. Wielded a machete
7. Kissed a man smack dab on the lips

7 things I have done:

1. Kissed the hands of an elderly woman
2. Picked up a hitch-hiker
3. Danced in a monsoon
4. Eaten mystery meat
5. Skinny dipped (in a foreign country)
6. Picked my nose to avoid being hit on from a neighboring car
7. Blogged about deeply personal and embarrassing things and regretted it for only about 10 seconds
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