I should be working on A HUNDRED projects I said YES to right now.

I should be scouring my archives for a great photo for Holly’s SheLoves blogpost on Monday. I should be organizing and drafting our November zine. Or organizing all the photos Kelley sent me for the Community of Hope quarterly flipbook. I really should be designing the church directory for the lovely place where nobody knows me, but I feel cozy joining in on Sunday mornings.

I should also probably be exhausted from having TWO posts up in two different places yesterday.

But I just can’t sit still until I SHOUT FROM THE PROVERBIAL ROOFTOPS that I am so honored by my dear friend Idelette. If you haven’t met her, or read the way she spills her heart across the lives and pages at SheLoves Magazine, then go now and read and fall in love with her for being a bold woman with kind eyes.

Did you go? Don’t worry, this blog will still be here. Go meet my friend. Shoo. Go!



Okay, good. Thank you.

You love her right?

She’s all those things and more. Only it’s better when you sit over tea and talk about Jesus and travels and loving people. It’s better, because she is both the fearless leader and the greatest cheerleader. It’s better because she’s honest and raw. She’s perfectly imperfect. She forgets things and loses emails and you sometimes have to text, call, vox and email for an answer to a question about the blog that feels like it needs to happen RIGHT NOW. And then she says, “Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you caught that.” And you leave feeling like the hero (even though you didn’t really do much).

And other days, maybe things are going just fine, a bit mundane, and then a magic text: “How are you? xoxo”

It’s special in a different way. It matters because you know just how many projects she also said YES to. It matters because you know that her kids need dinner and Scott is asking about soccer games and a SheLoves post needs attention and and and …

There is one more thing about Idelette that you should know: she will laugh when she reads this because she doesn’t really believe she’s this important. And doesn’t that just make you love her more?

There are so many things I want to say about my dear friend. So many thank yous to offer. But dinner is almost finished and I really should get back to my litany of projects.

Thank you, fearless leader, for inspiring me and caring for me and letting me be honest and cranky sometimes too.
Photo cred: My super rad friend and fellow SheLovely Tina.


  1. says

    O my gosh … you wrote THIS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m feeling a little speechless.

    < Deep breaths.>

    A big thank you feels in order:
    -Thank you for seeing me as a human and a friend …
    - Thank you for always making us all look good.
    - Thank you for choosing to spend your amazing talents with us, building and loving and growing.
    - Thank you for being willing to be so honest.

    I can’t love you any more right now. :) That could be our thing.

    How did I get to be so lucky to get to work with you?

    You’re amazing + so dedicated + creative + honest + gorgeous + hilarious + charming + warm + giving … always giving.

    I love that we’re in this together, my friend.

    You rock.

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