Dear America, You Screwed Up.


Dear America,

You did this to yourself. You built this nation on stolen land. You built it on the backs of slaves.

You deserve this.

You deserve to see what your racism and sexism and xenophobia have created.

But do you know who doesn’t deserve this?

My black nephew.
My immigrant neighbors.
My trans coworker.
My gay friends.
My very first roommate.
My very first crush.
The black man I just went on a date with.
My best friend’s husband.
Every person who has a vagina.
We don’t deserve this.

How could you?

I am not a patriot. I do not believe this was right.

You broke me.

I will not stand for your anthem or your allegiance. I will not fight for your honor. I will not defend you.

I used to be polite. I am done with that now.

I will continue to fight for racial reconciliation. I will fight to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. I will fight to dismantle police brigades and end police brutality. I will fight for women’s healthcare and every person with a vagina’s right to choose what happens to her body. I will fight against sexual abuse. I will fight against hate crimes. I will always side with the oppressed. I will always side with love. I will get stronger. I will encourage my friends to get stronger with me.

In two years I will start canvassing like you have never seen. In four I will vote. You will not let me down again, got it?


    • Sarah Joslyn says

      I’m ready to organize and do that work. We need to become people who educate. People who stand for justice and integrity.

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