Bad Blogger and Tiny House Names

Oh boy. 

Sometimes when I have TOO MANY things to say I end up getting quiet. It is the lamest way to handle stress, but there you have it.

I want to blog about all my Tiny House progress, but there is SO MUCH.

Short story: The exterior is complete. And I have a skylight and wicked cool sink that needs to be installed. I have a half-finished bathroom with a wine barrel shower basin and I HAVE SO MANY STORIES. I want to write out giant, emotional thank you blog posts to the women at SheLoves who responded to my post about my house, by raising some money for me to work. I have so many beautiful words I want to write, but when I think about it I cry, so I stop thinking about it.

I want to tell all the juicy details of my building process and the generosity of friends, neighbors and total strangers, but mostly I use my free time to BUILD THE DAMN HOUSE. Sigh.

I will be writing it out in detail … eventually.

But also I want to blog about other parts of my life. About a whole lot of days that involve fans and shit.

I want to.





I have a little more mental processing to do before I can spew my drivel here. I hate that.

So instead I am going to just leave you with a pile of Tiny House photos and ask for your help. #joslyntinyhouse needs a REAL NAME. I sometimes call her The Beast, but I am totally open to suggestions on what I could call her FOR REAL. Help, please? Leave your suggestion in the comments.



  1. Abby Norman says

    She is so beautiful. Totally stunning. I like the nest. I want something that shows how much heart is in this dream of yours. Your own, but also you have captured MY heart, and others. So much love, the house that love built? Hearbeat hollow?

    • Sarah Joslyn says

      Thank you Abby! I really like the word Hollow. I’m not so sure about using the word Heartbeat after calling her The Beast for so long.

  2. Anne-Marie says

    something from a book you love? we recently were at shakespeare, and found a bike – I named her Ariel from the Tempest. Seemed appropriate. btw saw a lovely tiny house in a pasture. made me think of you!

    • Sarah Joslyn says

      Now there’s a thought! My very favorite character in any book ever is Valancy Sterling. Maybe she could be Valancy or The Valancy. Hmmmm.

      My friend Karen suggested Midge and I love that too.

      Both are better and sweeter than The Beast.

  3. says

    What’s small but scrappy? Bumblebee? What about the dust or the residents from Whoville in Horton hears a Who? Ned, the mayor?

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