rom com.

I just watched a romantic comedy and loved it. Then felt sick. Is it horrible of me to hate romantic comedies? I mean, I also love them. But mostly I hate them. And here's why: THEY ARE CRAP. Rom coms are what my friend calls "emotional porn." Gross, I know, but also you can get that, right? They are idealistic and outlandish in all the right ways for a girl to think real life is kind of a drag because there's no Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds or basically any hot Ryan in her … [Read more...]

cue meltdown.

I think it's about time for an existential crisis.It's been a while since I had a really good meltdown, so I think I will renew my membership to the club of crazies who just can't figure life out RIGHT NOW.Here's the deal (all four of you reading this):I don't know what I'm about any more.Or what the heck I want to do with my life.(I'm not even talking long-term, like career goals and life-choices. I'm talking, "what am I going to DO WITH MY LIFE THIS WEEEEEEEEEEK?") Commence intermittent crying … [Read more...]

I Am From – Sychroblog

Joining the SheLoves sychroblog today, with a poem to celebrate heritage.I AM FROM I am from warm comforters and no heat.I am from hiding from the noise and dreaming of new lands.I am from small rooms and smoke from a dirty chimney.I am from a swampy backyard and a great big evergreen,sturdy enough to climb and high enough to hide in.I am from barefoot summers and somber winters.From the beach and the woods. I am from crowded Thanksgivings and restless Sabbaths.I am from tired … [Read more...]

thirteen weddings.

You've seen 27 Dresses, right?This year is my very own 27 Dresses. (Only, my hair isn't as sexy as Katherine Heigl's and so far James Marsden hasn't come to sweep me off my feet.)This year I was invited to a record-breaking 13 weddings. THIRTEEN. And these aren't just acquaintances, these are good friends all getting married in the same year. Granted, I did photograph one of the weddings, but I would have been in attendance anyway.13.Thirteen gifts.Thirteen sets of vows.Thirteen awkward seating … [Read more...]

exhausted. yes. words.

I'm exhausted these days. I've taken on a few too many projects all at once and I'm feeling it in my wonky hip and my heavy eyelids and my heavier heart.I say yes because I really do believe in these things and I really want to make them shine.I also said yes because secretly I hope that at the end of the project there will be someone grinning and saying, "You did it! We're so proud. You are incredible." Yeah, lame, I know. I know. Pardon me, but this blog post is about to take a very … [Read more...]


I'm feeling listless.There are actually a TON of things on my plate, waiting to be finished. But I needed to take a short break to blog. And since I'm feeling listless, I thought I'd create some lists.7  things I've never done:1. Used a Blue Tooth device2. Gone skiing3. Paid for a haircut4. Gotten drunk5. Read a single word of Harry Potter6. Wielded a machete7. Kissed a man smack dab on the lips7 things I have done:1. Kissed the hands of an elderly woman2. Picked up a hitch-hiker3. Danced in a … [Read more...]

Holding My Ground


Originally posted at SheLoves Magazine. I look like the kind of girl who can stick up for herself. I guess I am the kind of girl who can stick up for herself. But, more often than I’d like to admit, I cave instead of stand. I bend like a blade of grass on a windy day. Unless you’re related to me, I’m not really going to fight back. Probably. I learned early that being tough, even when you’d rather cry, was the way to survive. But last month I let my guard down. Way down. I wrote … [Read more...]


I am a train wreck.Correction: I am a CAR wreck.One week ago, today, I crashed my car. The combination of the Pacific Northwest's finest downpour coupled with a predictable bottle-neck in 405 North and topped with an inconvenient time to be changing radio stations resulted in a flood of brake lights and my silly car sliding, hydroplaning, skidding and ultimately crunching into the car in front of me.You might, if you are the generous sort, say that it was a combination of poor timing and bad … [Read more...]


Sometimes joy is all about perspective. Today Rachael lost her wallet somewhere in Oslo, Norway. Amongst all our adventures there must have been a moment when the silly yellow square of fabric decided it wasn't interested in photographing naked baby statues or lounging in the grass or eating spicy tuna rolls at Parken Sushi. And so it wandered off and took her money with it. I should be stressed and confused and frustrated. But I'm not. Because seven weeks ago I was hit by a UPS truck and … [Read more...]


Men and women can't be friends.This is what I'm told. And for the most part I'm inclined to agree. But what happens when you are?I am traveling through Iceland with my friend Benj. And we are just friends.No, seriously.Just.Friends.To say I'm not attracted to Benj would be a bold-faced lie and an insult to my sensibilities as a woman. And also to Ben's dashing good looks.But that's about it.We bond over photography and facial piercings.We differ over religion and a hundred other important … [Read more...]


I've never written anything about my oldest sister, because how do you write about the only member of your family that actually holds it all together? It's too much pressure. Jennifer is 14 years older than me and until this year she was less like a sister than an additional parent. (A very cool additional parent, mind you.) She is a rock. Dependable 'til the day she dies. And like most oldest children will boss you around and put you in your place and plan all the fabulous parties (including … [Read more...]


I find there is a war inside of me and it is painful to choose sides.You'd think from that description I am struggling with something very important.I am not.I am struggling with being 26 and single, but not for the reason most would think I am. I am not struggling with loneliness (at least, I don't think so).I am struggling with the expectations of a single woman in my society (American Small Town) and my sub-culture (The Church). And I have two conflicting thoughts about my singleness:1. I am … [Read more...]


To know my sister is to love her.Or hate her.No one has ever been neutral toward Joanna. My sister is a wild, friendly, compassionate, adventurous and terrified kaleidoscope of fire and curry. She can forgive anyone of anything. This is both a blessing and a curse.You see, like most people, my sister is breakable. And she has a bad habit of loving too much, too passionately, too indiscriminately. She loves and forgives the heartbreaker, the abuser, the liar, the quitter. And sometimes they end … [Read more...]

my professor.

I graduated yesterday and I am so glad to be done.But I'm also totally bummed.I mean I'm certainly not going to miss working three jobs to make enough money to pay for my three classes and working hard enough to not lose the two scholarships I put countless hours into earning. I'm also not really going to miss the four parking tickets I acquired on campus or the outrageously priced books that I hardly used or the three loans that still need to be paid off or the six and a half squares left on my … [Read more...]

first date.

I went on my first real date last weekend.Pathetic, eh? 25 years old and this was the first time anyone had bothered to ask me out on a date. This was my first date that wasn't just, Oh hey, we should hang out sometime and it will conveniently be just the two of us but I'll still let you pay for your food because we're just kicking it as friends and all.Anyway, I learned 3 things on this first date of mine.1. For as long as I can remember I have thought that my snaggle-tooth, love-handles, … [Read more...]